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Traditional Upholstery. If You Want It Done Properly

Then There’s Only One Way

Traditional Upholstery is an art which involves a great deal of man hours and sticks to natural materials wherever possible. It has been in practice for centuries and the methods used today are largely the same. Back then of course there were no alternatives but now we have machine automation and cheaper man made materials to replace almost everything that is natural. This can make the entire process far cheaper, let alone easier. However the old arts still exist and are still very much in use today.

There’s a good reason for this, which you’ll probably agree is reflected across a wide spectrum of modern life, and that is that the modern way does not produce a better final product. Quicker, cheaper, easier for sure, but if you are looking for durability in your finished product then the traditional methods still give a vastly improved result over any automated process and any natural material substitutions.

If you want it done properly, then there is still no other way than using the methods of traditional upholstery. The primary reason for this is in the hands of the skilled and experienced upholsterer. Each item, be it a chair, stool, cushion or sofa, is different. It has a different shape, a different texture and the customer wants a different feel and finish to their product. The experienced upholsterer uses their hands to continuously assess the feel as they progress and can make continual adjustments throughout the process. Only human hands can do this. There’s an excellent article on Wikipedia detailing the craft of traditional upholstery.

Using the correct techniques and their experience, a professional upholsterer can give the customer exactly what they want. And it will last for years, decades even.

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