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Don’t Throw It Away!

Let Us Restore It

It Can Look Modern, Outstanding, and Better Than New

Old Nursing Chair

Are you one of the many who has that old family piece sitting around? You were probably waiting for your next trip to the waste disposal site or maybe hanging onto it just because it has family significance. Before you decide to throw it out, please take a few moments to inspect it more closely and let your imagination flow. Take a good look at the quality of the frame and the attention to detail given by the original manufacturer – you’ll probably see some real art in it’s design.  It would it cost a lot to buy that type of detail new now. Well, now is the time to act. Bring it to us and we can turn it into something truly spectacular for a lot less than you might think. It can fit in with your own decor or we can make it stand out as a true statement piece. Use your own pattern or picture, or choose from one of the many spectacular fabrics that we have. Come and chat to us and discuss some ideas – you could end up with something spectacular.

Victorian Nursing Chair Original

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of restoring vs replacing we would ask you to take a really good look at the quality of the new item that you are considering. Don’t just look at it in the department store. Don’t just sit in it. Check it thoroughly for the quality of construction. We think you’ll be in for a surprise even with some of the more reputable high street suppliers. They really don’t make them like they used to since the consumer market has driven retailers to concentrate on supplying ever cheaper furniture. Consequently they have cut quality across the board by compromising on the quality of raw materials (which won’t be noticeably immediately), the quality of construction (how well is it put together – will it last?) and the quality of finish and detailing.

The older pieces that you are considering throwing away may look shabby and feel saggy, but the underlying frame construction will almost certainly be fine and we’ll wager it has a lot more life in it now versus a brand new modern frame because it was made properly in the first place. If it has lived it’s life indoors there is no reason that, underneath it’s current worn look, it won’t be as good as new.