Cushions and Futons 2017-05-11T15:45:17+00:00

Quickly, easily, and relatively cheaply, bring furniture back to life

Cushions, Futons, Slip Covers, and Throws are an easy way to make improvements

A few cushions can transform any furniture

A shortcut to making tired furniture look great can be done by simple throwing a new cover over it, or by adding some new cushions.

We can design and make any size, shape, finish, colour or decoration that is required. Futon covers are something that we specialise in. There are some good futon frames on the market, especially from the known high street brands but the cover they supply with it can often be substandard, understuffed, and plain boring. A new one made to your specification, including the depth and firmness of the stuffing can transform one of these relatively uncomfortable items into something truly luxurious in both look and feel.

Please talk to us about your specific requirements.